A twenty-year career as a snowboarder is incredibly uncommon. Twenty years with the same sponsor is almost unheard of. Lib Tech, the brand Jamie Lynn has played a pivotal role in shaping over the past two decades, pays tribute to the ongoing legacy of one of snowboarding’s greats with this documentary-style video. Take nine minutes out of your day and watch it. Trust us.

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From Lib Tech via Vimeo:

In celebration of 20 years of Jamie Lynn pro models, art, craftsmanship and power freestyle dominance Lib Tech is proud to release the Jamie Lynn 20 year video, micro site and product line! Jamie was different when we met him at 14 and he is different for the same reasons now. Straight forward power snowboarding, art / design, and living all done with bold undeniable style and the energy of a grom. We are excited and thankful to be working with Jamie. It’s been over 20 years and he’s done it all… he could have left, he could have quit, he could have done some weak ass shit but he doesn’t know how. We love him, he has made us all better people, artists and snowboarders. He is a craftsman, his best friends grew up working with us, we grew up working with him… it’s family. If you are a grom and don’t know him but like art, music, naked chicks, waves, cats or no bullshit power snowboarding … you are in for a treat! The Jamie Lynn Legacy site includes a short documentary chronicling the history of one of snowboarding’s most seminal influencers, high resolution historic and current photos of amazing Jamie moments and a grouping of some of his greatest works of art. And that’s just part one!