We are starting to roll through the past season and post all the videos that we might have missed. No idea how we missed this one. This one is a long way from Springfield. A recent drop from the Simpson brothers on a trip to Oslo. Very worth the watch, which makes sense on why Method Mag put their stamp of approval on it. Enjoy.

“Two weeks in Oslo. Feelings run your world. The feeling you get after a good day on the mission, or walking away from something unfinished. Love, anger, joy, hurt, all mixed together to enhance memories.. Memories become feelings, some forgotten, some ingrained deep within us, feelings that shape our very being… Feelings forged around a common goal, felt as a group, are unique… This FEELS UNLIMITED.” Riding by Wouter Groot (@wallgroot), Jake Simpson (@jake_the_snake1), Joe Simpson (@brain_half_full) and Mehdi Soltane (@alpasdechiko).”