Words by JP Schlick

I’ve had the pleasure of following Randal Seaton around Mt. Bachelor with a camera for the past two seasons. He can be elusive, likely due to the fact that he works full time, year-round in Bend. When we do link up, I am always blown away by how well he rides right out of the gate. As a filmer I have learned to never take a warm up lap with Randal because he doesn’t need one. As a testament to this, most of this edit was filmed in one morning over the course of three hours.

On that morning I met up with Randal, Josh Dirksen, and Jared Elston in an empty Sunrise parking lot at Mt. Bachelor on a sleeper pow day. We went straight for the summit and dropped off the back side to find a pristine cornice line blanketed in over a foot of the Pacific Northwest’s finest cold smoke. What transpired is well documented in Episode 2 of this season’s Bachelor Party web series and in the above edit of Randal handling some of the most unique natural terrain on the continent with ease. He is perhaps one of snowboarding’s most underrated riders and given that his style and ability make cutting his clips a painstaking endeavor I imagine that his riding will continue to shine bright for years to come, whether that’s off the radar or smack dab in the middle of it.

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