From the opening credits, done in colorful hand-lettering themed to each individual’s name, From the Bottom of One’s Heart is a video yearbook dedicated to the expression of the ever-expanding Seen Snowboarding community. Over the past few seasons, Seen has created a tangible space for LGTBQIA+ snowboarders, welcoming both existing and new riders into a safe and supportive community through videos, events, and expression rooted in riding and shared across the board. This video, directed by Mikaela Kautzky, presents Seen’s mission statement of inclusivity, support, and increasing visibility and access through clips in the streets and at resorts, photos of everyone, and meaningful moments in between dropping in.

From Seen:
Seen Snowboarding presents From the Bottom of One’s Heart, a LGTBQIA+ community snowboard video directed by Mikaela Kautzky and supported by Vans.

Run by queer snowboarders, Seen Snowboarding is a platform that hosts meetups, circulates gear, redistributes resources, and creates videos that center queer and trans snowboarding, with the goal of increasing visibility and access for LGBTQIA+ and 2S communities.