Pathology makes it clear that “We are the creators of our reality.”

The traditional format of snowboarding films will always exist. Opening part, closing part, hammer tricks and pure riding. Snowboarding needs that. But it also needs films like Pathology. The importance of showing people having fun and on a journey is vital to the growth and continuation of our lifestyle, and there are so many things that happen between shots that are rarely shown on film. To us at Snowboard Mag, these are often the most entertaining and inspiring aspects of snowboarding culture.

Snowboarding hinges on travel. It’s the places that we go, those we make the journey with, and the personalities met along the way that give us that add to the desire for wanderlust. It doesn’t take much. Recall your last moment of awe, or laughing with your best friend until it hurt. These small moments in time are the ones we carry with us for the rest of our lives and the most extraordinary thought is how snowboarding is what brings us there, and brings us together. It’s all about having fun with your friends, and trying not to be too serious in a world where everything is taken too seriously.

Pathology is exactly that, and more.

Filmmaker Liam Gallagher teamed up with cohorts in crime Austin Smith and Bryan Fox to make a movie about snowboarding, but also feature the minds and voices that strap in. Featuring Tim Eddy, Shaun McKay, Alex Yoder, Curtis Ciszek, Rube Goldberg, and the ultimate wanderer Rip Zinger, this film sets the stage for inspiration.

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Watch also: Liam Gallagher’s full film The Mad Ones

From Cowabunga via Vimeo:

Pathology: A Movie About Snowboarding and Humans.

Bryan Fox and Austin Smith partnered with storyteller Liam Gallagher to document a season of their experiences and showcase their slice of snowboarding. Collaborating with fellow boarders Tim Eddy, Curtis Ciszek, Shaun McKay, Alex Yoder, Rube Goldberg, Rip Zinger and more. These intrepid friends created a movie that provides apt examples of why collectively, we will all do whatever it takes to be able to strap in at the top of a line and make rolling arcs downhill. From powder turns, to steep backcountry lines, to a whole segment filled just with half-buried snowmobiles, every shot in Pathology is a blatant reminder of why we snowboard.