GLUE, a short film about soulboarding

GLUE is all about feeling. That feeling you get when you burn past a skier standing still. Or when you jump over a slow sign and duck under a rope. When you pin it between tight trees, or when you just barely miss colliding with your friend while chowing through the deep. The kind of feeling that makes you let out a hoot even when you can barely catch your breath. The feeling high-fives are made of.

GLUE from Christian Haller is an attempt to express the feeling of a close perspective to snowboarding. It evokes a response deep inside of us and draws out a desire to go fast and turn low. Featuring Christian Haller, David Bertschinger Karg, Ben Ferguson, Scotty James, Jan Scherrer, Alex Tank, and Gabriele Torriani, GLUE is the kind of timeless snowboard film that will get you stoked for years to come.

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GLUE – expressing a close perspective to the feeling of snowboarding.

A film by:
Christian Haller
Kris Lüdi
Stephan Maurer

Supported by:
Monster Energy
Burton Snowboards


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