We have all let our imaginations run wild when it comes to park design, but seldom do we see our dreams become reality. Nonetheless, that is what happened when Hotham Alpine Resort gave the Rusty Toothbrush crew free reign on their own trail, a bunch of cat hours, and a ton of shovels. To top it all off, friends from the Nitro team were in town to help with the build and lend some expert trick advice before joining in on the fun. The result, one of the most fun looking parks and edits we have seen in quite some time. As if we weren’t itching to ride bad enough as it was.

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Featuring: Alex Stewart, Giacomo Errichiello, Sven Thorgen, Silje Norendal, Torgeir Bergrem, Jared Elston and Marcus Kleveland

Production: Francesco Zoppei, Brad Smith, Troy Tanner

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