The latest from Jake Durham, House Call Corner Store Only, highlights masters of trickery, Craig Cameron, Danimals, Mark Wilson, and Derrek Lever as they explore Japan’s urban spots and take in a taste of its culture.

Complete with foreign statue jibs, an insanely long down-flat-down-flat-down (skip to 3:47 to see it right away), and your fair share of diggers and board breaks, it’s time to stop what your doing on whatever other browsers or apps you have open, press play, and see what these street riders can do with a little support from RIDE and adidas Snowboarding. Bonus: mad graphics by Josh Manoles.

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More from Jake Durham:

“We did it again. I told myself I wouldn’t, Derrek agreed. How did it happen? Everyday. Almost every few hours. It felt necessary. There is always a parking spot. You walk in the door. A sensor sets off a high chiming bell. A sweet old lady or young man greets you with a honest smile. There are dozens of comics on a shelf to our left and pizza buns in a heated cage to our right. As you walk to the back through rows of candy there is a giant cooler filled with coffee drinks, soda pop, beer, and 9% alcohol fruit drinks. As I said earlier, I told myself I wouldn’t. Items are picked in no order. Always a rice triangle (which is a gamble), at least two Strong 9% canned cocktails, Pocky chocolate covered pretzel sticks, a bottle of water, Black coffee in a warm can, a banana if there are any that aren’t damaged, and finally when you make it to the register a impulsive pizza bun out of the heated cage. The sweet old lady or young man will put the selected food in one, two or sometimes three bags. You will find yourself with many “thank you” bags by the end of your trip. We love Japan, we love Japan, we love Japan, thank you very much.”