Learning to Drown – Trailer

Jess Kimura is one of the most influential snowboarders in the world. Hard stop. Her relentless riding style and lauded video parts, combined with her unending drive to bring others up alongside her (a vision turned concrete in the Uninvited, Uninvited II, and upcoming Uninvited III) continues to make an reverberating impact. This past year, Jess collaborated with director Ben Knight to tell her own story of tragedy and how she navigated an unimaginable path to continue to push forward. The result is Learning to Drown, a film presented by The North Face.

For more, follow @learning_to_drown_film and check out the Tribeca Film Festival to screen the movie online.

From Learning to Drown:

A documentary film about going for broke featuring Jess Kimura.

Considered one of the most influential action sports athletes in the world, Jess Kimura was at the top of her game when tragedy struck. As everything came crashing down, her grief led her down a path she could have never imagined.


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