These women are fearless. Alexa McCarty, Darrah Reid, Ivika Jurgenson, Hiromi Takahashi, Maria Thomsen, Kennedi Deck, Miyon Yamaguchi, Madison Blackley, Taylor Elliot, and Kaleah Opal committed to some serious rail riding in and out of the country last season last season… And they’re not just throwing 50/50s. “The Uninvited Official Teaser” will get your heart racing to see what else the all-female crew has come up with, and it’ll give you the motivation to make your own rail bucket list to conquer this winter. Jess Kimura has been working on this four-part video project for the last couple of years now, and this leaves us craving more.

Filming and editing: Jess Kimura and Troy Erickson

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