Jesse Burtner – The Bomb Hole: Episode 123

He is a snowboarder, a filmer, an innovator, and Austin Smith has called him the GOAT–enjoy Jesse Burtner, one of snowboarding’s most creative and talented individuals, on The Bomb Hole.

From The Bomb Hole:
With over 20 video parts under his belt as well as being one of the master mind’s behind Think Thank a production company responsible for fostering countless career’s, he over came a traumatic brain injury, took creative riding to new level’s and is currently the team manager of Lib Tech Snowboards. This week we talk snowboard video culture, Think Thank, Alaska, communication though snowboarding, crew energy, head injuries, snowboard jargon, day dreaming, trick battles, premiere cheer, camber shaming, scouting talent, filming styles, what is pro and the meaning behind the cone, the shovel and the picnic table. From going huge in contests to a traumatic head injury that forced Jesse to look inward and take a new approach to his riding; a creative approach that would inspire a new style of snowboarding. Join us on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole as Jesse share’s his journey to becoming a pro snowboarder, making snowboard films and managing one of the top teams in snowboarding!


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