It takes much more than skill to have longevity as a professional snowboarder. Eero Ettala has had a career that most riders can only imagine, and he achieved it through unwavering dedication to snowboarding, his friends, and to progression. In the 2000s he was on top of X Games podiums, stomping never-been-done tricks, and filming video parts that would be immortalized as some of the most stylish and balanced segments ever to hit the screen. Over the past three years Eero, Heikki Sorsa, Lauri Heiskari and crew have built what has become the standard for a successful web series: Cooking With Gas, and provided the stoke for countless riders to get out and enjoy snowboarding. Eero’s 2014 full part is a full demonstration of his proven versatility in the backcountry and the streets, something that is no easy feat in today’s film landscape.

Watch also: Cooking With Gas episode three – Hanging with Helgason and Past Parts: Eero Ettala in Follow Me Around, 2006

“Last season was pretty challenging snow-wise, but we managed to work around it and produce enough footage for three CWG webisodes. All my A grade shots out of those three webisodes were edited together into this full part! Enjoy!” – Eero