Longest movie of the year perhaps? Mix all the primary colors together and what do you get? Brown. Mix Sam Taxwood, Gabe Ferguson, Severin Van Der Meer, Brandon Cocard, Nik Baden, Jared Elston, Blake Paul, Parker Szumowski, Cale Zima, Mason Lemery, and Iikka Backstrom together and what do you get? Brown Cinema. Edited by the one and only Brock Nielsen, this two-year project has been the talk of just about every town in snowboarding waiting to see how high Brown would fly. The wait is over. Just about an hour with some of the biggest names in snowboarding as well as the heaviest up-and-comers as well as an impressive list of filmers and photographers in the support column as well. A crusade heavily carried out in the West stretching from Canada to Colorado with plenty of other locations. Sit back and enjoy what Brown did for you.