When Jess Kimura decides to do something, she does it with everything she’s got. Whether her video parts, The Uninvited trilogy, her unwavering support of women in snowboarding, or anything else she commits herself to–Jess leaves it all out on the floor. But while it’s hard enough to put out a video part that defines your season, it’s a whole other beast entirely to confront tragedy, hardship, and challenge–and share your experience with the world. In Learning to Drown, Jess lets viewers into her life in an incredibly intimate way. While she has always been brave, breaking trail and inviting others to join her, Learning to Drown illuminates her lionhearted ethos in an entirely new way as she deals with the absolute tragedy of losing her partner and figuring out how to continue on.

The film isn’t able to be shown outside of Youtube, but if you click on the video player above, you’ll be redirected to watch.