Marie-France Roy Full Part from FABRIC

To say that Marie-France Roy is an impactful individuals is an understatement. From her early days riding in contests and shutting down spots in the streets to her current position leading the way in the backcountry, Marie has been setting the standard for years, and doing it with incredible style and grace. Of course, while she is renowned for her fluid riding in technical, big mountain terrain, off her board, Marie is a driving force as well, particularly when it comes to sustainability and taking care of the natural world. The British Columbia-based leader is outspoken about the things she cares about, and this empathy, understanding, and commitment to contributing to the world overflows in FABRIC, the five-part documentary series catalyzed by Robin Van Gyn and directed by Robin and Justin Taylor Smith.

Snowboarding and the environment are inextricably linked and for Marie, her passion for the world around her has always been a constant in her life; she talks about finding the ways to utilize her platform as a rider to help the planet throughout her career in episode 3 of FABRIC, and her insight and perspective is thoughtful, compassionate, and enlightening. Of course, spending time in the mountains is a great way to celebrate how incredible Mother Nature is, so part of filming for the series was, of course, heading into the backcountry. The FABRIC episode documents Marie’s environmental activism, and during the filming, she collected a heap of footage that the crew put together in one hammer edit. Enjoy.

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If there is one thing MFR ( Marie-France Roy) is good at, its being all in. Over a prolific snowboard career Marie has earned her legendary status in snowboarding many times over. Not only is she known for being all in for snowboarding, but also, all in for the environment. If Marie is not smashing pow, she is hard at work standing up for the things she loves as a well known activist on many fronts. Filming for FABRIC – A Documentary series wasn’t all documentary, it was also a lot of shredding and she for sure made the most of the opportunity churning out this hammer of a backcountry edit. On her pro model Arbor board, the Veda, Marie makes shredding backcountry look like a walk in the woods. 

The full documentary series will be released soon to the public, follow @our.fabric  and #fabricdocumentaryseries for updates on when and where to watch and for more behind the scenes edits. 

Filmed by Jeff Keenan, Ryan Kenny, Justin HareEdited by Nate Laverty
Music: Pangea by Kit Sebastian


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