20 years old and stuck in Jersey with a bum knee for the summer, Miles Fallon hopped on the phone with us recently to breakdown of his past winter, his surf video debut, the Quiksilver collab with the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix, and his love for Timothée Chalamet. Enjoy. – Mark Clavin

How’s being laid up on the couch on the Jersey Shore?
Dude, it’s been nice being at my parents house, just being able to chill by the water. Something about the ocean is just so peaceful. 

We are made up of mostly water, large bodies are supposed to be peaceful. And how/what did you injure for the people reading this?
So I completely tore my ACL. 🙁 So had to get ACL reconstruction and I got my anterior lateral ligament reconstructed as well. 

Going too big or too small?
Too small. It was toward the end of winter. 

But now you are well on the mend. Are you gonna be good to surf by the end of summer? 
Maybe. Looking more like fall. 

Then at least you will be back come snowboarding time. Any plans for the summer?
Yes dude, just vibing. I really want to come back to boarding stronger than I’ve ever been before in my life. That’s really my main goal. 

You ever worried about coming back too strong and not being able tweak anymore because your muscles get in the way? 
I use to have this worry, but I’ve changed my workout routine to look like Bruce Lee. Plus after watching Zeb’s buff ass do all the shit he does, ha, I think I’ll be good

How’s the rehab going? 
It’s nice being by big blue. The best is having mama’s cooking again. I swear that’s like the best way to get better.

What’s your favorite dish that your mom makes?
Probably her ramen. It’s next level, like straight from Japan 

Best part of Jersey Shore in the summer? 
Beach, fish, surf, bikinis.

Worst part? 
The worst part is probably the summer Shore traffic. Just Bennys from up north. 

Did you G.T.L. yet today?
Heading to gym right now, Mom’s doing laundry ’cause she is a saint, and prob hit a tan wit my dad in the afternoon. 

So you are from Tom’s River area?
Yeah, exactly. Ocean County, baby. 

You are so close to the shore a hurricane is actually a danger in your life!
Yeah, Sandy was the gnarliest hurricane I’ve experienced. We didn’t have power for a month at my house. 

Were you home the whole time? 
We had to go to Fort Dix and get gas and food from the military. It was pretty crazy. I was in sixth grade. We just had mad sleepovers at a family friend’s house and played card games for about a month with candles and shit. Felt like we were Amish. 

Snowstorms gotta feel a bit mellow compared to a hurricane?
Ha, totally. The whole coast was destroyed, boats everywhere, and all the houses were pretty much gone. 

Wawa or 7/11?
Ha, dude. Wawa all day, c’mon.

More importantly, you had a big trip to Europe this winter. How was it hanging in the van with the Quiksilver crew for a few weeks? 
It was really rad being able to travel overseas this year! It just felt nice. But I was in the van forever, ha, I don’t even remember…I think it was like a month. Yeah, powerful crew we had! Griffin Siebert, Harrison Gordon, and the Austrian Goat, Werni Stock! It was really sick to be on a trip and spend some good times with those dudes, shoulder-to-shoulder in the van.

And then you met up with Arthur, Oli, and Kevin? 
Unfortunately didn’t link with Kevin due to COVID problems, but yeah, met up with lords Arthur and Oli. Those are straight-up my favorite humans. I was just crashing at Perly’s and soaking up his knowledge and French wisdom. 

Share some wisdom with us?
Always dress nice. 

Any good riding over there? The snow was pretty bad over there mid-winter.
It was terrible, ha. But we had one really great day with Arthur in France. And in Austria, we had two days with Werni that were amazing. 

Are we gonna see the clips in a CAPiTA project or something soon? 
Yeah, I think the stuff I filmed with Arthur will be in whatever he is working on. But before I even met with the Quiky crew, I was with Bryden Bowley and Denver Orr filming for our project in Estonia and Norway. We didn’t know what to expect in Estonia. Everyone we asked about the country just said “good luck looking for spots” and such, but we had no trouble finding steel…just kinda battling snow conditions. It was pretty crazy because during that time, Russia started invading Ukraine. Crazy that it’s still going on. It was pretty cool talking to the Estonian homies.

What’s the upcoming project with Bryden? Stoked to work with those dudes for another year? 
Yeah, we were able to squeeze enough budget to make it happen again this past winter and I’m just thankful for that. I only filmed for like a month with those guys and we were able to get a lot done, so I’m super excited for what Bryden comes up with in the lab and to see it this fall. 

It’s you, Denver, Keegan Hosefros, and who else? 
Me, Denver, [Justin] Phipps, Keegan, and our Norwegian boys. Phipps, Marcus [Rustad], and Freddy Perry have cameos–some really sick footage.

You got any BTS leaks on your phone to show the internet? Or we tell them to wait for the full thing.
I ain’t got any clippys for ya fiends.

So after the big Euro trip, is that when you filmed the Quik x Stranger Things collab? 
No, that project was filmed last fall.

Where was that shot? 
That stuff was shot in Austin and Waco, Texas.

What is scarier: Lord Vecna or a hurricane?
Fuck, probably the Vecna homie. Dude can mess you up.

Have you watched the new season yet? 
Yeah I ripped it all in one day–like 7 hours, ha.

Ha, the benefits of being injured. 
Straight up. I think I want to start acting though now, ha.

Oh really? Where you inspired by Eduardo Franco?
Yes very. The dude is just a great human.

And that makes you want to be an actor? 
Yeah. And I low-key love Timmy Chalamet. 

You look like a Laos Timothy Chalemet. 
Haha, YES! My new Insta bio: The half-Asian Timmy.

What makes Timothy Chalamet so cool? 
He’s one of the best on-screen actors in today’s cinema world, in my opinion. Beautiful Boy, Call Me By Your Name–both just grand slams for me. 

French Dispatch was dope, as well. 
Yeah, that was awesome.

At least you are now associated kind of with a show!
It’s an honor. I just wish I was actually on the show like Gabby [Maiden].

You do any plays as a kid in school? 
Yes, I did some plays. I was the talent show host. I was one of the kings in a Jesus crucifixion. And I was the Lorax. Those were middle school plays.

What kind of roles would you want to go for in the future? 
I would love to be able to play Johnny Tsunami if they did a remake. Anything kind of like “coming of age” teenage film. 

You were the only snowboarder in the Quik collab video? How did that happen? 
Dude, not sure. I just have a good relationship with the surfers on the team, I guess. I had a mullet, too, at the time, so that kind of just went with the whole aesthetic.

You are from the Jersey shore, too. Do you consider yourself a surfer or snowboarder first?
I def was a surfer before boarding. I started when I was five. 

Did you have a mullet when you started? 
Yeah, right before that trip I was on a trip with Mikey Wright and we got drunk and I wanted a mullet, ha. 

No, I mean surfing when you were five.
Oh ha, no I was ripping bowl cuts.

What’s up with mullets coming back so hard? 
Dude, I don’t know. Chicks just want dudes with mullets, ha.

What do you prefer: mullets or bowl cuts? 
Mullets, for sure. 

How was surfing at night for that edit? 
Dude, it was ridiculous. It was like three in the morning. It was cold outside the water was colder, and they wanted us in boardshorts. And they only had the wave going backhand for me, so that was a little hard at first to get used to, but then once you got up on one it was pretty fun. 

Nerve-wracking to be surfing with all those pros? 
Yeah for sure it was a bit intimidating, but everyone in that crew are all such nice people that you don’t even think about it. Surfing with Andy Nieblas is the shit. And Kanoa [Igarashi] is nuts. 

Did you have any Surfer Boy Pizza with your new inspiration?
Dude, if they run a season 5 I want to be a worker at Surfer Boy. I’m trying to manifest that. 

Favorite footy you have watched since your injury? 
Like snowboard footy?

Yes, or anything I guess. 
Probably Top Gun Maverick. Tom Cruise never misses. And Miles Teller is fucking dope. Plus we share the same name, so kinda just big energy going on.

Who would win in a fight: Miles Teller or Timothy Chalamet? 
Shit, probably Miles Teller. Timmy too skinny for my boy Miles. 

SLC summer vs Jersey summer?
Jersey, every time. SLC: hot and dry. Jersey: wet, wild, ‘n litty.

Any other odd things going down in your life right now? 
Well, I’m starting to grow some facial hair, but like just enough for it to be gross and not cool-looking. So yeah, just like that whole shaving-and-shit has been new for me. 

But the Lorax has a huge mustache. 
Yes, I guess now it’s a bit ironic.

How many edibles you take today so far?
Haha, dude. 

What’s up with pros getting their cars stolen this summer? You a bit worried about your whip? 
Seems like insurance fraud. Haha no I’m just kidding. I think they must be smoking that chronic and leaving there shit in suss areas. Dude, I don’t know. SLC is just a suss place. Suss air floating around. But for some reason we all live there, ha. 

You got a car in Jerz?
My truck’s out in SLC actually, but it’s in a safe location.

As far as you know. 
Yeah, I get visual on it almost everyday through the FaceTime with Blake Moller, ha.

That’s good. I’ll see you later, I’m going to go to SLC to get your truck.