Minnesota park riding done right: VG in the Park episode 1

Minnesota produces some of the finest rail riders in snowboarding. In validation of this statement, Videograss riders Danimals, Justin Fronius, and Cody Beiersdorf visit Hyland Hills, Trollhaugen and Buck Hill with a new perspective on how to ride their features. Redirects, off-center takeoffs, unorthodox setups all coupled with insane style show us that warmups for the Videograss are as good as anyone’s best day. Stay tuned throughout the winter for more episodes of VG in the Park.

Watch also: Nick Dirks’ full part from Videograss MAYDAY!

From Videograss via Vimeo:

Videograss crew and friends cruising Trollhaugen, Hyland, and Buck Hill in the down time while filming for the new VG flick!

Featuring Justin Fronius and Danimals. Along with Cody Beiersdorf and Craiger Cameron


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