One epic year: The VonZipper Support Wildlife Tour season edit

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to hop in a van and travel across the country with your friends. In fact, for most people these days it’s nearly impossible. But VonZipper decided to do exactly that with its team: hit the road for one of the most righteous road trips of the year. With people behind the wheel of the VZ Van like Eric and John Jackson, Brendan Gerard and Gray Thompson, the ever-changing passenger roster traveled from Baja California to Montana, and everywhere in-between. This is one for the history books.

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Join VonZipper in the fight against mediocrity and early nights on the VonZipper Support Wildlife Tour… This winter VZ piled into the yellow van time and time again to hit the road in search of snow and good times. They cruised through Mammoth Mountain, the Rockies and Big Sky Country to hit the park, city streets and even found some back country fluff, all in search of good times with good friends.

Featuring John Jackson, Eric Jackson, Gray Thompson, Sam Taxwood, Brendan Gerard, Riley Nickerson, Red Gerard, Blake Axelson, Matt Edgers, Matt Wainhouse, Chris Frost, Brian Skorupski, Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, and Todd Kirby.

Shot, Directed, Edited by Leland McNamara


Wake Up Lucid
“I Want”

The Chyls
“Supernatural Mystery”

Jail Weddings
“May Today be Meciful”

C.G. Roxxanne and the Nightmares
“Cop City”

“The Motorcycle Accident”

Bizzy Kido
“Something Caught Here”


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