One Storm with Rome Snowboards

Nothing compares to a deep day with a good crew. And while the old adage, “No friends on a powder day” speaks to the pain one feels waiting for a friend, chomping through the chow with a crew just cant be beat. This past winter treated the Northern Hemisphere with an abundance of deep days and while it can certainly be difficult to think of any one storm that stood out against the rest, the crew at Rome experienced a day that they will now forever refer to as, “that one storm.”

Featuring riding from Alek Oestreng, Ozzy Henning, Len Jorgensen and Thomas Delfino.

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More from Rome:

There are days that will live in infamy for years to come. Days that validate our very existence, weather patterns that haunt our dreams and inform all our decisions. These are the reasons that we are all amateur meteorologists, obsess over the gear, scour terrain and ride side hits in our minds’ eye as we drive to the hill.

A million variables have contributed to this moment, to this epic day in the making. The howling wind and pounding snow has given way to silent white landscape, riddled with endless possibility.
Gear is sorted, boards selected, van fueled, boots laced, its finally happening. It’s time.
Communications gradually slowing to a meditative whisper, minds’ racing as it’s seems deeper than anyone thought.

One storm makes all the difference, all the difference in the world. A short distance from the Rome Lodge, One Storm is the story of a massive Austrian storm ridden by Alek Oestreng, Ozzy Henning, Len Jorgensen and Thomas Delfino; Four riders and their unique approaches to the terrain and opportunities that a single storm can provide.
Choose your board, tighten your boots and drop-in to One Storm.


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