Onward to Italy: Pat Moore – Blueprint, Season 2 Ep 7

This episode of Pat Moore’s Blueprint has a full spectrum of snowboarding experience. Arthur Longo, an upcoming rider from France that is making huge strides in his career by putting together some insane video parts while maintaining a high level of competitive halfpipe riding. He is proving that it is still possible for today’s professional rider to balance both sides of our lifestyle, and do it well.

Then of course there is Pat, who is really on top of his career right now. He’s the guy that can ride it all. From sending redirects in the street and booters in the backcountry, Pat Moore is part of a generation of riders that learned to ride anything put before him because you couldn’t keep him from strapping into his board.

Last but certainly of legend status, we have Bryan Iguchi. When Bryan left the path that nearly every other snowboarder was taking in the early 90s he paved the way for countless others to change the direction of their careers. Though California-raised, Guch has become a Jackson Hole local over the years and has mentored riders like Travis Rice, Alex Yoder, Mark Carter, Rob Kingwill and pretty much anyone that is spending time in the Jackson backcountry.

The latest episode of Blueprint brings them all together for some epic sessions in the mountains of Italy. Take note of the talent in this edit, these guys are true snowboarders.

Watch more of Pat Moore’s Blueprint here

From Red Bull via YouTube:

On the never-ending hunt for fresh, film-worthy snow, the Blueprint crew went deep, traveling to a freeride paradise in the Alps of northern Italy to explore Alagna & the Aosta Valley. Here Pat Moore, Darrell Mathes, and Danimals, are joined by all-terrain French badass Arthur Longo to sample the regions’ big mountain lines that are accessible by chairlift. Bryan Iguchi flies in from Jackson Hole to join the group; tuning in instantly to the crew vibe and the sweet terrain of the Italian sidecountry. Arthur shares his thoughts on balancing competition and filming while ’Guch & Pat talk crew dynamics and the simple pleasure of a session with friends as the group rides everything from lines to legit jumps to mini-shred side-hit.


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