Pat McCarthy’s full part from Shred-A-Vision

Pat McCarthy is a boss in the Pacific Northwest. Not only is he one of the most solid riders in the region, he’s a prime example of a rider transitioning to a desk job and still getting out in the backcountry to put together an amazing part. It is quite the feat to maintain his duties as the 686 Team Manager and get out there with the guys from Shred-A-Vision. Here’s one of the industry’s best laying it on the line for the love of snowboarding.

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From Funner Snowboarding via YouTube:

Wildcard Movies presents Patrick McCarthy’s full snowboard part From Shred-A-Vision. Pat is a snowboard legend whose home mountain is Mt Baker. Currently Pat has risen to the ranks of 686 Team Manager and continues to throw down with the boys (and girls) of the 686 squad. Straight outta 686’s Compton, CA headquarters to the streets and mountains of the world.

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