Pink Dollar Possy presents Performance – Teaser

Pink Dollar Possy has been making lots of noise over the past season and snowboarding has been paying attention. Much of the crew has roots in Minnesota (though their ranks know no geographical boundaries), where high-speed rope tows and plentiful street spots have provided the metal for Possy’s emergence. A no-holds-barred approach is visible in their aesthetic; each individual overflows with style, the sort of riders that turn heads via a deep bag of tricks coupled with easy style. So to say that snowboarding is excited that Pink Dollar Possy just dropped the teaser for their first full-length video, Performance, would be an understatement. This one is going to be a heater.

Featuring Casey Pflipsen, Eli Lamm, Jeff DeForge, Sierra Forchheimer, @humpbackchuck, Nolan Quinn, Blake Lamb, Collin Maynard, and Alexis Roland.


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