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Quiksilver presents: Radical Times in Spain

Quiksilver’s Radical Times is back for 2017. This year Radical Times is putting an emphasis on the holy trifecta, and building the series off of the concept of everyone being a common “Boardrider”. The new approach takes more of a documentary/ story telling approach and focuses on the theme of “Boardriders Travel Guides”. For the first stop of the tour we travel to Spain with Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin, Mathieu Crepel, Mikey February, Natxo Gonzales and Zach Miller to fully immerse onself in the culture and experience all that Spain offers for snowboarding, surfing, and skating.

Edit by: Wade Carroll

Photograhy by: Ryan Heywood and Julien Petry


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Continue below for photos and more from Quiksilver:

We wanted to experience Spain. Like, really experience Spain, in all of its mysterious, lispy glory. So with the help of long time team rider and local skater Javier Mendizabal, we planned a trip. Then we rallied a crew – Snowboarders Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin and Mathieu Crepel. Surfers; Mikey February and Natxo Gonzalez and skater Zach Miller. And then we went.

From post-surf pintxos in San Sebastian to sleepless nights spent in the streets of Barcelona, everything was better than we could have imagined.

It was cultural, chaotic and everything in between. And it was all motivated by a passion for boardriding. We spent two weeks there and you can join us on our journey in the clip above.

Once the credits have rolled, dig through our Boardrider’s travel Guide and trace some of our steps, then start planning your own Radical Time in Spain.

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