The Black Koles film, Range Finder, has just hit the internet in full. Follow along with Bryan Iguchi and Mark Carter as they set out to explore the most remote zones in Wyoming. Carter and Guch live lives in tune with the mountains, and Range Finder offers a glimpse into their creative and considered approach when riding in the backcountry. Also featuring Sage Kotsenburg, Pat Moore, Erik Leon, Mary Rand, Charlie Hicks, Alex Andrews, Elle Rasmussen, and Corndog Cowgirl.

Range Finder is a documentary film offering a glimpse into the lives and inner workings of professional snowboarders Mark Carter and Bryan Iguchi. Filmed in the frozen backcountry of Wyoming’s most remote mountain ranges, the solitude of a lonely winter provides the perfect backdrop for an introspective examination of two of the most influential minds and careers in snowboarding’s history. Their approach is one defined by self reliance, escapism, and social distance…not by mandate, but by design.

Produced and Directed by Black Koles.