Red Bull Solves Climate Change with Benny Milam

Well, they didn’t solve it… but they made it a bit more entertaining. A nice break from all the fire we have seen in the woods as of late. Benny Milam returns to his home hill over in Wisconsin for the new “Enchanted Forest” edit with the help of local legend Matthew ‘Boody’ Boudreaux on the build. “Boody’s basically a lumberjack – he’s got the big beard and so on,” said Benny. “He came over and just spent two or three weeks going hard building all these great features. He pretty much understood my entire vision from the first walk through.” 

Benny Milam front 180 over the gap at Trollhaugen on June 11, 2021. p. Ryan Taylor

“Trollhaugen actually took all the snow from their park and piled it up in some shade… So every day they would fill up a truck with snow, drive it up the hill, and we’d fill up wheelbarrows and drag the snow in to the path. Then we’d add a little salt and it would turn to ice right way, it was kinda sketchy but also real fun.” – Benny Milam

Benny Milam Benny Milam. p: Ryan Taylor

More on the build and filming from Red Bull here. 


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