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The Revolution of Shape: Franco Snowshapes

The world works in mysterious ways. In 2010 Mikey Franco was on a trip to Japan with Burton Snowboards and wasn’t able to ride due to a bad injury. It was dumping in typical Japanese fashion, and the crew he was with felt bad for him, so they decided to connect him with Gentemstick founder and shaper, Taro Tamai. It only took a few moments of looking around Taro’s showroom before Mikey was transformed and had found his new passion in board shaping. Fast forward 8 years and Franco Snowshapes in Jackson Hole Wyoming has built a name for itself within the boutique and custom snowboards market. This is Mikey’s story.



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Mikey Franco, the founder of Franco Snowboards, brings back the heritage of snowboarding with a modern twist on shape and design. After instructing and guiding around the world, a season-ending injury gave him the opportunity to learn how to build some of the best snowboards in the world.


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