Ride Snowboards Presents: Off Course

Most days in Interior British Columbia start before the sun has risen over the jagged horizon of the surrounding mountains. Inside, the smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee provides a familiar comfort to the early morning stillness. Outside, the quiet of winter is exaggerated by a fresh blanket of snow. The thermometer has been buried by this point, but you don’t need to see the mercury to know it is colder than cold. Stepping through the door the shrill squeak of snow under boots and the billowing clouds of breath in the bone-chilling winter air confirm the temperature.

It is early in the morning but an eagerness exists in the air and loading up the rig signals the start of an adventure. An understanding is shared among all that are awake at this hour that certain chores must be completed in a timely manner before heading out into the mountains. Once ready, the rumble of a cold engine coming to life chimes into the symphony of the starting day.

RIDE-Off-CourseDSCF5783 copy

“I think that’s what it’s all about for me, to go on these trips with people you like hanging out with, that you like being around.” – Jake Blauvelt

Heading out into the mountains on mornings like this takes a willingness to experience adventure. Adventures free of cell phones, wi-fi, and the many tech ridden amenities that we otherwise find ourselves tethered to. What the day holds, and where the snow will take you is never predictable. In fact, trying to control it will only steer you further from your goal. Excitement for the unknown is the only concrete reality. This is the foundation of a winter spent chasing snow, and the truth that burns at the core of Off Course.


For Jake Blauvelt and cinematographer, Gabe Langlois, the mighty Selkrik Mountains are a familiar yet enchanted wonderland. Each season provides a unique experience and compelling adventure. Wind lips and snow drifts form differently with each passing storm, and the ancient mountains shift and change with each sunrise. But this is all part of the experience and the group dives into the unknown with fervor.


“We just had the mentality of going out and having fun; whatever we find, we’re going to ride.” – Jake Welch

There are a lot of connections that happen out there away from service or reception. Taking the time to fully engage in the people you are with and the landscape that you are amongst is the greatest gift of experiences like these. Reaching that point, connecting with the mountains, and getting Off Course isn’t the easiest thing to do these days, but it’s just not the same experience otherwise.

This is RIDE’s, Off Course.

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Featuring riding from: Jake Blauvelt, Shayne Pospisil, and Jake Welch
Produced by: Gabe Langlois, Tanner McCarty, Jake Blauvelt
Directed and Edited by: Gabe Langlois
Principal Cinematography: Gabe Langlois, Paul Watt, Brandon Kelly
Aerial Cinematography: Gabe Langlois
Camera Assistant / Production Assistant: Christian Bertrand
Colour: David Tomiak /Silver Lining Post
Sound Mix: Keith White / Keith White Audio
Graphic Design: Javas Lehn

A very special thanks to Tanner McCarty – Ride Snowboards, Andrew Coggins – Ten Barrel Brewing, Mike Last – Sigma Canada


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