“I don’t want to use a braking style to control speed. Here in Japan and particularly in Hokkaido, you can control your speed riding with rhythm, acceleration, and control.” – Takaharu Nakai

With deep snow and deeper talent, the Salomon crew set out to test the latest grouping of Hillside boards in their natural habitat with the famous Perly and David Vladyka behind the camera. They sent over a bunch of photos to go alongside RIZUMU, and although it left us wondering why more of these didn’t make it into the print issue, we are very happy to be seeing them still a bit larger than on Instagram (photos by Perly).

From Salomon:
“Each year Wolle and a select crew set out on a trip to test the latest Hillside Project prototypes and ride existing models that fit the terrain and conditions of their intended destination. With travel restricted for the last couple of years, Japan was a no brainer. This trip was an intergenerational exploration, spanning decades of age difference between Goop, Louif, Wolle, and Taka. With this dynamic of age and style, the crew set out to find spots that fit each of their riding styles best, allowing each of them to share their insight and perspective of riding with the others. From Louif’s inventive hybrid approach and Goop’s eye for steel to Wolle’s backcountry instincts and Taka’s rhythmic wizardry, RIZUMU covers it all.”