Neither Rome nor the Dimetrodon were built in a day, but they were both built in Vermont. Sometimes we forget with all the big Euro names on Rome’s roster that they are born and bred right in the heart of the East Coast scene. So here are all some names you already know, doing just that… riding in the backyard of a famous building conjured up by a community of architects in Vermont in the 1970s. 

“Although the start to winter hasn’t been great on the East Coast, we all get by with some help from our friends. Friend of the Syndicate TJ Thran invited the Rome Vermont crew over for some backyard boarding. At a communal property modeled after a dinosaur, TJ, the crew, and Sugarbush Parks digger Urris White scraped together what little natural snow was on the ground to create a day for the ages. A great reminder of how boarding with the homies can turn any day into the best day ever: the Dimetrodon provides.

Featuring Max Lyons, Ralph Kucharek, Kirk Teare, Noah Coville, and Joey Leon. Filmed and edited by Devin Bernard Special thanks to TJ Thran, Urris White, Emma Limburg, Justin Bouchard, & the Hall-Chojniki family.”