Just like rose-colored glasses, everything looks good on 16mm when looking back on our trip with the Salomon Snow team last year to Switzerland. Now don’t get me wrong, it was as portrayed above… but zoomed out a bit farther, it was a pretty funny experience. No fresh snow, bed bugs, and restaurants that closed early and cost a bit too much for the quality is what I remember… but yeah, the snowboarding was pretty fun too (as was cheap beer, chocolate croissants, and sightseeing on down days). One of the less known facts of this video was that the Star Wars production crew actually came out to the same valley to shoot background scenes for the movies. (We were told it was for the mountains in Alderaan for all you fellow nerds out there.) 

Johan Nordhag Salomon Foyer Movie Snowboarding

Hupp is a master behind the lens, and the young crew put up some heaters in the warm conditions. A few full page photos came from this time… and a week after this trip, a cover for this mag was shot of Emma Crosby (below). Enjoy a nice look back at Grindelwald with Johan Nordhag, Blake Moller, Luke Lund, Emma Crosby, and Gian Sutter. 

Emma Crosby Cover, Salomon Foyer Volume 19.2