The day has finally come. The Tre Squad out of Bend, Oregon, has proudly introduced the grand finale of their decade-long Shorts and Shades saga, Shorts and Shades 10!

Few things other than mayhem, reckless abandon, and full-throttle charging come to mind when we think of the Tre Squad and Shorts and Shades, and that is just the way we like it. Pop some popcorn, toss in that mouthguard, fasten your seatbelt, and grab any and all protective equipment deemed necessary, this is one 47-minute video that we advise watching with caution.

Featuring riding from Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Logan Beaulieu, Jared Elston, Lucas Wachs, Will Dennis, Destry Serna (MVP), Sam Taxwood, Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, Ben Ferguson, Justin Clark, Mike Bogs, Austin Ford, Demetri Bales, Parker Gonnet, Drew Brownrigg, Nathan Jacobson, Patrick Oconnor, Jake Price, Zak Hale, Forest Bailey, Grant Giller, Randal Seaton, Alex Kollar, Jon Overson, David Rey, Kyle McCollum, Stratton Matteson, Nora Beck, Jacques Mailloux, Jonah Elston, Tyler Orton, Trenton Bliesner, Matt Bernard, Blaze Kotsenburg, Magnus Byrlev, Conner Turney, Joseph Dewild, Nick Gannaway, Chris Luzier, Buffalo Jon, Alex Ing, Mike Beaulieu, Wiley Jones, Dillon Craig, Sage Kotsenburg, Wilson McLain, Ian Borgman, Jake Hjortland, Ben Bilodeau, Eric “Lamar Homie” Buell, JD Dennis, Brent Lindstrom and many more.

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