Power eating: Sidetracked with Helen Schettini by Full Moon

Eating well is an easy thing to overlook, and Helen Schettini learned in the most frustrating way possible: with injuries. It’s a practice that takes time and a conscious effort to achieve, two barriers that, when paired with money, can make it difficult to do. But it isn’t impossible, as Helen’s experience can prove.

Even on a four and a half week trip to Italy, her and Full Moon crew resisted the temptation to indulge in the country’s eating culture. So with the conversation around snow safety and balance, healthy eating absolutely deserves recognition as being equally important.

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SideTracked is a 7-part web series based on each rider’s passion besides snowboarding that compliments their outdoor lifestyle. Helen Schettini continues the series with her discussion of healthy eating. Come back to snowboardmag.com every Tuesday for a new episode of SideTracked.


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