Smoke Screen: JP Walker and Friends Shred The Spot at Brighton Resort

Good times with great friends is what Smoke Screen is all about. JP Walker, Blair McKinney, Jake Welch, and Seth Huot put together a creative edit with perfect front boards, hand plants, nose presses, switch ups, every kind of spin on/off, and more at “The Spot” in between the trees at Brighton. Only these guys could think of so many different ways to throw down on such a simple set up — some rails, a quarter pipe, log wheel, and a few other features — and make it look even better with drone aerial and night shots from filmers Jeremy Jones, Blair McKinney, Gordon Peterson and Brock Harris.

If you want a blast from the past, check out this edit from Seth Huot at The Spot with some of the same crew members from four years ago:

You gotta love that they’re still throwing axes and knives, doing side flips off trees, and out there hitting The Spot.

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