Good times with great friends is what Smoke Screen is all about. JP Walker, Blair McKinney, Jake Welch, and Seth Huot put together a creative edit with perfect front boards, hand plants, nose presses, switch ups, every kind of spin on/off, and more at “The Spot” in between the trees at Brighton. Only these guys could think of so many different ways to throw down on such a simple set up — some rails, a quarter pipe, log wheel, and a few other features — and make it look even better with drone aerial and night shots from filmers Jeremy Jones, Blair McKinney, Gordon Peterson and Brock Harris.

If you want a blast from the past, check out this edit from Seth Huot at The Spot with some of the same crew members from four years ago:

You gotta love that they’re still throwing axes and knives, doing side flips off trees, and out there hitting The Spot.

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