Brolin Mawejje Talks Growing up in Uganda, the Olympics, Medical School, and More on The Bomb Hole

BROLIN IN THE BOOTH! Hit play and listen up! 

From The Bomb Hole: A snowboarder from Uganda who has faced much adversity on his journey to USA where he chased the Olympic dream all while going to medical school. This week we talk chasing the Olympic dream, growing up in Africa, childhood soldiers, coming to America, culture shock, getting bullied, discrimination in ski town’s, leaving an impact on snowboarding, medical school, Virgil Abloh, the black snowboard community and so much more! Brolin was raised in poverty in a small Ugandan village at a time when these community’s had no electricity and were quite rough between childhood solider’s, kid napper’s and many other hardships to evade. As a young teenager he is sent to America to live with his mother in the east coast where thanks to the chill program he found snowboarding. Join us as we sit down with Brolin and learn first hand about his amazing journey from Africa to Massachusetts then on to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where he chases the Olympic dream and becomes a Burton team rider all while going to medical school on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole.


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