Every year we look forward to the builds that Snowboy Productions imagines and installs, from Holy Bowly to IT’S TITS! and everything in between. The Projects are always really rad–a special park build that brings together the rake-wielding mad scientists of Snowboy to put their spin on the freestyle heritage of a particular resort. Last year, The High Project was an amazing week in Southern California and this year, the crew returned to Canada for The Blue Project at Blue Mountain in Ontario. Watch the edit for a look at what went down.

Riders in order of appearance: Vinny Laz, Carter Wega, Stefan “Taco” Alvarez, Jesse Jarrett, Adam McClean, Maddox Matte, Phil Carpentier, Tomi Maletic, Patrice Poulin, Gregor Zed, Joel Vachon, Karl Olivier Gagne, David Tourigny, Dawson McClachlan, Chris Mullins, Westley Willyam, Phil Jacques, Chris Fellner, Colton Eckhart, Jillian Clark, Mike Rosart, Quin Ellul, Krim, Danny Glibota, Mark Goodall, Conner Felix, Dom Tessier, Frank Belanger, Brian Anderson, Savannah Rouse, Aric Acri, Dan Bubalo, Austin Johnson, and Andrew Perry.

Filmed by Pat Quesnel, Vinny Laz, Jesse Jarrett, and Quin Ellul. Edited by Jesse Jarrett and Quin Ellul. Additional filming by Gregor Zed, Dawson McLachlan, and Phil Couture.

From Snowboy Productions:
The Projects went north to Canada for the first major event in Ontario in almost two full years. Here’s a glimpse of what went down over four days at Blue Mountain.

Thanks for the crew at Blue Mountain Resort, Herd Agency, and Bent Metal Bindings for making this event possible.