While Stale might have just posted this on Youtube today with the caption “Some days filming in Whistler & Alaska 2023 season,” this goes a bit beyond just a few casual days lapping. They had multiple days with a heli for god’s sake! Meeting up with filmers Spencer Whiting AKA Gimbal God and Ryan Finder while they were both putting together projects with Judd Henkes, Torgeir Bergrem and Brandon Davis respectively last year, Stale quickly got into the fold and put up some heaters for a strong part of his own. Strong, smooth riding and a few massive tricks tossed in there as well. When will we finally see this dude in the Natural Selection arena? Only time will tell. Also on the crew, photographers Jack Dawe and Mason Mashon spent some time with Stale in front of their lens (below).

Some days are better than others, and it looks like Stale had a string of good ones last winter.

  • Snowboarding in Whister Stale Sandbech Interview
  • Stale Sandbech snowboarding Alaska