Stoke the Vote for Midterms with Protect Our Winters

Stoke the vote and check your voter registration status, register to vote, request and absentee ballot, and more with the help of Protect Our Winters.

This fall, the midterm elections will have serious implications (as always) for the course of legislation over the next two years (and beyond) when it comes to the planet. Large-scale, legislative efforts are necessary to make sweeping changes to positively impact the environment; and as snowboarders and individuals who love to spend time in the great outdoors, climate change and protecting the Earth are not partisan. While reducing our individual carbon footprints is also integral, voting is so important in fighting for the sweeping change that we need. To this end, Protect Our Winters invites all of us Stoke the Vote. Watch the video for the run down, make sure you are registered to vote this fall, and join POW at in-person events in the lead up to the midterm elections. More elected officials who care about the environment is hugely important in protecting the places we love to spend outside. Learn more at

From POW:
You know that feeling you get while you’re planning your next big adventure—a lot of excitement and a tinge of nervousness that builds with anticipation as the big date nears? At POW, we can relate as we head down the road toward midterm elections. Lucky for us, we have you on our team to support us so we’re prepared when that big day comes. As a member of Team POW, we want to invite you to Stoke the Vote with us, so that we can make climate a top priority with lawmakers. By helping us on this journey, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with Alliance members, attend POW events and most importantly, vote in November’s midterm elections. We’re fired up to connect with you and inspire the rest of the Outdoor State to choose action over apathy, stand up, speak out and VOTE!

POW and our Athlete Alliance have a rad summer and fall planned to keep the stoke alive going into midterm elections with over 40-in person events from coast to coast. We’ll keep you in the loop on upcoming events and all things election-related, including ways to get involved and support POW, important election dates and the tools to feel educated and prepared when it’s time to send it to the ballots this November. In the meantime, get social with us and share why you’ll be helping us Stoke the Vote and encourage your friends to do the same. Tag @protectourwinters, #stokethevote and #dropinandvote.


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