Resorts, take a cue from Snowboy Productions and the Holy Bowly: terrain parks don’t have to be the same fucking thing every season. Not all of our frequented pistes have this problem, but to see this kind of flow incorporated in parks across the country would be welcome change of pace for the riders that don’t really feel like hitting a 60-foot table or a down-flat-down.

Regardless, what we have here from the 686 team is an exhibition on style and flow. The Holy Bowly is an incredible interpretation of the snowboarding experience. Give people the platform have fun and good things will happen; you can see it in the riding. These guys don’t do anything that’s extraordinary in the realm of scale, but in style, in attainability, those are the places where their snowboarding shines. We could watch that followcam of Matt Wainhouse all day long.

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From 686:

Journey with the 686 team as they find their lines through one of the most unique runs ever put together on a mountain – the Holy Bowly at Mammoth Mountain. Watch the 686 team including Ryan Tarbell, Riley Nickerson, Shuhei Sato, Matt Wainhouse, Drayden Gardner, and others find their flow on this one-of-a-kind course.

686 would like to thank TJ and the whole Mammoth Unbound park staff as well as Krush and Snowboy Productions for a wonderful time at the Holy Bowly.

Filmed and Edited by Ian Post/Afterhours