Legend has it that the snows of Mt. Hood hold magical properties. Much like plants that absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, the omnipresent glacier collects negative energy and radiates the power of good vibes. This age-old process was documented during Jake Durham’s time with the RIDE team at High Cascade in Summer 16, with appearances from: Cole Navin, Danimals, Jake Blauvelt, Hana Beaman, Stefi Luxton, Jill Perkins, Derrek Lever, Alex Sherman, Spencer Schubert, and Dillon Ojo. Through some mysterious force, that same magic has somehow permeated into this video, leaving us more anxious than ever for snow to start falling.

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From RIDE Snowboards:

The RIDE crew spent a good chunk of their summer up on a the Mt. Hood glacier searching for bumps to catch air, transition to land in, boards to test and good times to remember.

Film/Edit by Jake Durham