Yes, we are asking where the powder clips are too, but maybe Adam Ruzzamenti is holding on to them for something special. And you know what, we have seen plenty of powder on Instagram so a quick “all park, no powder” edit is refreshing! It is a bad idea to question Adam when he has been dropping the most consistent edits we have seen out of Bear in a long time. With another round of big names mixed with up-and-comers, this week’s SITP features Robert Toste, Mike Cook, Freddy Perry, Julius Starr, Myrie Metzger, Haruna Ishihara, Pavel Anishchanka, and Denis Leontev. 

As far as their winter, it matches up with the edits as being the best one they have had in awhile. Reporting a 10′ base around the resort, here is to hoping we have a long spring season in Southern California!