The Swiss Army knife is heralded as one of the most precise and reliable multi-tools in existence, and as such, is quite the fitting name for Fredi Kalbermatten’s new short. Fredi has an extended family history with deep ties to the mountains and glacier surrounding his Saas-Fee home. Follow along with Holden Explorers Fredi Kalbermatten and Gray Thompson as they peel back the surface of Fedi’s life and dive deep into the legendary natural terrain that makes up his back yard.

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Join Holden explorer, Fredi Kalbermatten as he takes us on a journey through his home-town, Saas Fee, Switzerland. Directed on location by Gray Thompson during the spring of 2017, this mini-documentary dives deeper into Fredi’s seasoned mountain knowledge, his lifestyle, and into some deep powder fun along with Gray. Featuring music by Zac Marben.