The Interior Plain Project: Berserker Collection short film

In the Midwest, you get called out pretty quickly if you’re doing something that isn’t authentic. There isn’t time to put up with bullshit because slowing down probably means you will get snaked in the rail line at Trollhaugen or Hyland Hills. Real recognize real. That’s why The Interior Plain Project stands where it is today as one of the most exciting young brands setting its roots in the frozen ground of Minnesota. This is the very definition of snowboarders supporting snowboarders, and we are proud to feature The Interior Plain Project for the release of its new Berserker Collection. We caught up with the found of IPP, Pete Harvieux, to discover what the past, present and future holds for this Midwest powerhouse. Enjoy.

How did The Interior Plain Project get started?
The idea was born in ‘97 as a shop kid. In 2001, still a shop kid, I was in the process of placing a PO with Epic MFG (MLY, M3) and that was right when that factory went belly-up. Around the same time I was offered a sales rep gig so The Interior Plain Project ended up on another detour. After many days in shops, on the road, and sliding slopes, I finally found the right time and inspiration to launch The Interior Plain Project in 2012.

This is the brand’s third season and collection, where does the inspiration come from?
Berserker Collection is driven by illustration styles from Manga/comics and skateboard art series. Its vibe is about that moment right before you break and black out only to wake up not knowing what just happened. Throw in some late 90’s team video park sessions and you have the mix that brings Berserker Collection to life.

Where will you be able to buy the snowboards?
I came from a skate/snow shop and I feel that shops are critical in cultivating the culture, so our focus is on having them in stores. People can buy from a bunch of our stores online as well: The Youth Shelter Supply, Cal Surf, Damage, Zombie, People, Martini, Central, Focus, Red Sky, Red Belly, Skaters Advocate, Shred Shop, Rhythm, Casualties, Savvy, Ride Four Ever and if overseas Greenroom in Austria. I’m sure they’re all willing to ship stuff to people looking for the line. Also feel free to ask your local shop to get at us.

We heard about a big change your production situation, where are the boards being made?
As we continue to define our “Premium Medium” design theory, we’ve been fortunate to start working with CAPiTA MFG to build boards. This allows us to refine our shapes and brand message that having a great riding board will allow you to operate in all conditions and terrain. Boards don’t pilot themselves — it takes the operator to maneuver them. So if the board underfoot delivers, then it’s up to the pilot to push the boundaries. Having ridden boards built in this factory for the 10 years prior to IPP, I’m really excited and proud to work with the CAPiTA MFG crew.

What can you tell us about the IPP team?
We have a squad of individuals who I believe represent their style on boards uniquely. Our pilots Matt “Boody” Boudreaux, Jack “Thorblood” Thonvold, Joe Mertes, Jake “Snakes” Moore, Jeffy Gabrick, TY Murphy, Peter Limberg, Nate Lavik, and Kyle Kennedy all destroy in their own right. Sprinkle in some test pilots — Josh Johnson, Chad Wolfe, Noah Talentino — and that’s our crew. You can check a bunch of these guys out in Bald E-Gal’s new release Hooks and Hammers out in stores now. Also Chad has a part in the upcoming Blackout release from Scott Smith and the BBNBN posse.

What does the future hold for the brand?
Just trying to continue to cultivate the culture, ride as much as possible, be creative, enjoy the small steps, dream of larger ones, make friends, and build quality goods for people who are passionate about the act snowboarding.


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