How many edits will we see from this jump before the winter in the Southern Hemisphere is over? All we know is Charles Beckinsale must have pushed one hell of a lip and landing up at Thredbo for a Mcmorris video, Red edit, and a Burton sunrise session shoot. There are definitely more out there, but we think that is enough to claim the most popular jump of Summer ’23…unless the Cardrona kicker that has been going off on Instagram in New Zealand the past few weeks starts putting out some Youtube URLs. This is as classic of a battle between Australia Zoi Sadowski-Synott was recently spotted putting down some stylish 1260s while Kokomo Murase landed a backside 1440 and Taiga Hasegawa went cab 1980! Maybe it is easier to rotate the farther south you go? Either way, no matter which jump will come out on top we know for certain that once winter returns to the Northern Hemisphere, the contest season is going to go off. (A few of the highlights from NZ on the gram below.)

All three should be regulars on the podium this upcoming season. Top edit features Red Gerard, Brock Crouch, Luke Winklemann, Sean Fitzsimons, Hailey Langland, Jake Canter, Dusty Henrickson, Julia Marino, and Lucas Ferry.