Is Lolo the next John Daly? And we aren’t saying the John Daly of snowboarding… we literally mean will she take over golf from the ground up? An interesting turn to the normal convo when Lolo Derminio tells us about her young career swinging clubs and a want to return when the snow melts. This is why we do this podcast! One quick text from Lolo… and now we have an episode. A rising star in snowboarding and ripping piano player, Lolo Derminio joins Clavin and T. Bird to chat the past year filming, pseudonyms, golf/PGA aspirations, coming from a big family, and plenty more. It is our 10th “podcast attempt” and it is a good one! Riding for Sims, Monster, Northwave and currently looking for Long Drink or Twisted Tea to pick her up, Lauren called in from the back of her truck parked outside her sister’s house in California for a quick hour with spotty wifi. Enjoy the zoom or just listen to the podcast below! (As always, if you know someone in marketing… hit them up! We can read commercials and we will take their money!)