In 2018, Jess Kimura broke the mold when she released The Uninvited, the first of what would become a trilogy of videos giving a platform to the rising generation of women street snowboarders. While Jess is quick to credit the riders, filmers, and crew that helped to bring The Uninvited trilogy to fruition, it is her relentless belief in the talent of others and the commitment to their success in raising the collective up that catalyzed not only the movies, but helped to usher in a renaissance of rail riding talent. In The Uninvited trilogy, women believed so much in what Jess was creating that they gave everything they had to the projects. The resulting three videos are defined by a grit and dedication that underscores the rising tide of riding.

Now, five years after the release of the first film, Jess, alongside Sharalee Hazen, are igniting a new spark with The Uninvited Invitational, an in-person event bringing together sixty-two of the most talented women in the streets for a private session and open-to-the-public contest at Woodward Tahoe at Boreal. (Plus, the Uninvited Invitational set up is open to the public on the last day and BTBounds is collabing with The Uninvited on a women’s ride day!) The contest will be giving away 40k in prize money, which is an incredible amount of money to put directly into the hands of deserving riders as they chase their ambitions!

On Thursday, April 13th, The Uninvited Invitational kicks off at Boreal with two days of private photo and video shoot that will act as a qualifiers for the big event on Saturday. The list of riders who will be in attendance is stacked, to put it lightly.

Twenty-two headliner riders will be joined by forty up-and-comers for Thursday and Friday. Here’s the full rider list (click on their names for their Instagram to get to know their boarding if their name is new to you, you’ll want to be prepped for Saturday!):

Alexa McCarty
Alexis Hernandez-Roland
Amalia “Billy” Pelchat
Amanda Hankison
Ari Morrone
Ava Peterson
Brantley Mullins
Bryn Valaika
Cali Carlson
Charlotte Flowers
Christine Savage
Danyale Patterson
Darrah Reid-McLean
Devi Gupta
Egan Wint
Ella Sorensen
Ellie Weiler
Emily O’Connor
Emma Crosby
Fancy Rutherford
Grace Warner
Hahna Norman
Henna Ikola
Himari Takamori
Iris Pham
Ivika Jürgenson
Jaime Deister
Jaylen Hanson
Jill Perkins
Juliette Pelchat
Kaleah Opal
Karen Selena Sanchez Zambrano
Katie Kennedy
Kelsey Boyer
Kennedi Deck
Laura Rogoski
Laura Munro
Lauren Derminio
Madeline Montgomery
Madison Blackley
Maggie Galloway
Maggie Leon
Maria Hilde
Maria Thomsen
Maureen Wick
Melissa Riitano
Naima Antolin
Nali Prevedel
Nora Beck
Paula Benito Porcel
Payton Nagy
Rori Avelar
Sara Säkkinen
Savannah Golden
Savannah Shinske
Sierra Forchheimer
Sonny Alba
Sophia Schroll
Stefi Luxton
Stine Tønnessen
Taylor Elliott
Telma Serafia Särkipaju
Veda Hallen
Venla Mustonen

So, how do you watch what goes down at Boreal? Stay tuned to @the__uninvited on Instagram as well as @snowboardmag starting on Thursday. Presenting sponsor is The North Face, and Smith, Yeti, CAPiTA, Union, Sun Bum, Fat Tire, and Coal are all helping to make the event happen, so check out their feeds, too.

You can also attend the event in-person on Saturday and Sunday. Here is all the info and the RSVP for attending on Saturday (it’s free, but you need to sign up to get a spectator pass if you don’t already have a lift ticket or season pass because it is on snow at the base of Boreal). On Saturday, finals of the contest begin at 12pm. Attendance is open to the public and free but you need to RSVP sign up for a spectator pass. Do that here.

On Sunday, The Uninvited and Beyond the Boundaries are partnering with support from CAPiTA and Union for a women’s ride day open to women and women-identifying folks of all ages. Here is the info for The Uninvited x BTBounds Ride Day. The day requires a lift ticket or season pass (purchase directly from Boreal) and you can register here. The registration fee is $10 and goes toward a non-profit TBD.

Stay tuned here and on Instagram starting on Thursday for all the boarding from The Uninvited Invitational. We can’t wait to see what the riders put down, carrying the momentum into the first-ever Uninvited live event!

Check out all the details for The Uninvited Invitational.