The entire replay is above if you want to relive the entire event. The Bomb Hole also put up a great recap video of the entire event as well with Julia Spadaro interviewing a ton of people in the crowd and on course. So is there really a reason to write a recap when you can just watch that? We could comment on how powerful it is to see this event as the industry is still trying to grow and figure it out. We could comment on how sick it is to actually pay riders a solid prize purse (insane work locking that down to Jess and crew) or just the importance of elevating women in the space and backing it up. We could also comment on how amazing it is to see Jess Kimura’s original project from a few years ago snowball into quite the movement… but we will just leave you with a full batch of photos to go through from Emma¬†Dubrovsky and enjoy. We thought Emma was a Salt Lake-based photog but it turns out she is actually from Montreal. Thanks for making the trip out and snagging all these shots for us! Photos and results below:

ūü•á Telma S√§rkipaju | ¬†¬†/¬†tsarkipaju¬†¬†
ūü•ą Iris Pham | ¬†¬†/¬†irispham_¬†¬†
ūü•Č Jess Perlmutter | ¬†¬†/¬†jess_shred¬†¬†
4th: Grace Warner |   / g00dnessgrace  
5th: Livia Tannò |   / livia.tanno  
Best Air: Emma Crosby |   / ecrosb87  
Best Bail: Jaylen Hanson |   / jaylen_hanson  
Best Style: Momo Fujikawa |   / momoka_fujikawa  
Best Trick: Annika Morgan |   / annika.overtomorrow  
Unleash The Beast: Nora Beck |   / snore.a  
Most Heart: Madison Blackley |   /  
One to Watch: Juliette Pelchat |   / jubespelchat  
Most Creative: Naima Antolin |   / naimaantolin  
Subaru Rookie 1: Ellie Weiler |   / ellie.weiler  
Subaru Rookie 2: Jess Perlmutter |   / jess_shred