Thomas Delfino’s ‘Welcome to the pro team’ edit from Rome Snowboards

Rome Snowboards continues to stack its global team. Frenchman Thomas Delfino is the most recent addition after the announcement of Len Jorgenson and Alek Oestreng, where Thomas brings a backcountry presence to balance the street savvy Norwegians. Congrats Thomas, keep going huge.

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Official release from Rome Snowboards:

The flying Frenchmen has landed on the Rome SDS Global Pro Team!

An infectious personality on and off his snowboard, Thomas Delfino attracts attention every time he drops in.

Thomas burst onto the global scene thanks to stand-out parts in Almo Films productions and he quickly became a go-to addition for our 12 Months Project by filming in the February, May and August videos. A year later, our Find Snowboarding series brought Thomas to the furthest corners of the globe; from splitboarding in the Aleutians, ripping Norwegian parks with Ståle and adventuring through the French Alps with Bjorn. This last season he continued to progress while filming for the Bucket List video series where he sent it through North America and Austria.

A preference for deep powder, steep drops and lofty jumps, Thomas is a backcountry ruler who is equally happy accessing terrain by splitboard, sled, or lift-access in the Alps. However he gets up a face or zone, it’s safe to say it Thomas’s respect and passion for snowboarding shows in how he goes about it. His perpetually stoked attitude and his ability to ride any terrain no matter the conditions, makes him an integral part of whatever trip he’s on—and a top choice for us when we’re planning out a project.


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