From The Bomb Hole:
In the snowboard world he became known as TRZA, in music Trouble Andrew and then in the art world GucciGhost; incredibly he left his mark finding success in all three worlds. This week we talk Art, snowboarding, music, the passion compass, skateboarding, getting sponsored at 13, The Olympics, GucciGhost, 2 Chain’s, The Trap House, The Hoonipig, believing in yourself, Santigold, Style, NFT’s, Staying Authentic and so much more! Its fair to say Trevor has the Midas touch as every project he put’s his focus on seem’s to turn to gold. Hear first hand how a young snowboard/skate rat from Nova Scotia dropped out of high school in 9th grade to pursue his dreams becoming a pro snowboarder with a million dollar McTwist, after an injury he turned to music only to be rocking venue’s world wide and how a Halloween costume idea would lead to one of the longest artist collaboration’s with Gucci in history, all on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole!!