Trevor Graves – The Bomb Hole: Episode 115

One of the great legends when it comes to pushing the photography, visuals, and storytelling of snowboarding, Trevor Graves has contributed so much creativity to our culture. Listen in as the founding member of Nemo Design talks shop from late the 80s until today. This is a really good one!

From The Bomb Hole:
This creative genius shot some of the most iconic photo’s in snowboarding shaping the image of the sport though his photography in the late 80’s and early 90’s then would go on to be a founding member of Nemo Design where his conceptual photography, advertising and graphic design would again help shape the sport we all love so much! In this episode we talk the early days of snowboard photography, the Misty Cam, skateboarding’s influence on snowboarding, fostering creativity, advice for photographers, advice for entrepreneurs, Wy’East, New Zealand, the Stratton halfpipe sessions in the late 80’s and so much more! Join us as we sit down with this photographer legend and hear the break down of some of the most iconic snowboard photos of all time on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole!


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