There are rail edits which provide a level of attainability that makes you feel like grabbing your snowboard and heading out the door to shovel a lip at a spot down the street. On the other end of the spectrum, there are videos displaying unreal powder riding accessed by helicopters that run on energy drinks. But it is a surprisingly small handful of people who are capturing quality powder riding in a somewhat relatable fashion. The operating word there is ‘quality’. There are thousands of selfie-stick and dad cam edits floating around YouTube with footage from the back side of Keystone after a six inch storm, which certainly feel attainable.

Beau Bishop and Trevan Salmon caught our eye with their TURN & BURN episodes last season because they made us want to haul ass and ride powder. It wasn’t until later that we realized the void they were helping fill.

Last night, Beau texted me the link for the first episode of TURN & BURN’s second season. I started asking questions so I could put together a write up to accompany the video, but Beau provided answers far and above what would typically be typed out on an iPhone keyboard. Without asking for it, I ended up with some sort of three question interview.

Instead of paraphrasing his words to give you a description of what went into the making of the first episode in the second season of TURN & BURN, I’ll let you read it from the horse’s mouth, or the hands of Beau, rather.

How did you come up with the idea for that intro?

The intro was a funny one. We were brainstorming ideas but couldn’t really come up with anything, so we decided to just get eveybody together in Pemberton and meet at a buddies garage to figure it out.

Wiley and I both had cases of beer with us, and we decided to have a team shotgun to get the creative juices flowing. But basically it just set the tone of the day and we ended up getting hammered and filming random stuff.

Where did you guys end up filming most of this episode?

Dave [Craig] and Wiley [Tesseo] have been going to this zone outside Revelstoke for a few years and have really been figuring out the area. We wanted to get out of town and decided to head there since the snow in Whistler was on the heavier side and the forecast for the area had us frothing. It was amazing; it snowed everyday, and we didn’t see another crew the entire time. Just a tiny little town with super dry and deep snow. Tons of beers and a ton of boarding. Mandatory laps from everybody before we pulled the cameras out each day. Each night there was hilarious video-watching in the hotel room.

Just one little zone, huh?

We actually planned on heading to Revelstoke after a couple days there, but we were having such a good time and nobody was around, so we stayed put. We probably wouldn’t have left at all if it wasn’t for snowmobiles breaking down. The last night out we had ‘rum night’ and none of us remember how we got back to the hotel. Meanwhile [Andrew] Burns was in Japan getting shacked for 30 days straight. It’s been such a nice change from last season when we were driving 18 hours away to get good snow. BC has been firing this season and it’s so nice to be close to home and getting such good conditions.


Watch the first episode from season one: TURN & BURN – Part One: In search of the deep